Residential Window Film

Window-Film-Res1When it comes to insulating your home against heat and cold, a window is like a “hole-in-the-wall”. In the summer, ordinary glass lets the sun’s heat penetrate your home, making you and your family very uncomfortable and forcing your air conditioner to work harder. In the winter even though you can feel warmth, glass panes lose a substantial amount of your home’s heat. Vista’s low-e window films can retain up to 35% of winter heat loss for ultimate savings year round.

Solar control window film applied to the interior of your windows is a transparent “solar shield” that can reject up to 80% of the sun’s heat. In summer your home is cooler and more comfortable, so you can save on energy bills. In winter, some window films trap room heat for year-round comfort.

Window-Film-Res2Window films are available with a scratch resistant coating and in a variety of elegant tints like bronze and gray, and in neutral tones that appear virtually invisible on your windows.

Block 99.9% of UV rays that fade your fine furnishings. It is expensive to replace floors, rugs and furniture and window film is an excellent preventative measure. Vista window Film has earned the Seal of Recommendation, as a product that sufficiently and safely “aids in the prevention of sun-induced damage to the skin.”


Window film lets you keep your view while blocking out the heat, glare and harmful UV rays.

LLumar Interactive Tool

This interactive tool allows you to see what your home or building would look like with a LLumar Glass Enhancement film applied.

Window Film Viewer for Homes
• Film Viewer for Commercial Buildings
• Energy Savings Calculator for Commercial Buildings


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