Why Not?

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Yes that is the question, why not apply a product to glass that can cut the solar heat gain that pours through glass by upwards of 70%, UV rays by 99.9% and reduces glare by 80%? This product typically has an ROI of 3 years or less. So again I ask the question why not window film on the glass in your building? Of course the why not is the upfront cost. But consider that not only is the ROI attractive even after the payback period it keeps saving money for many years to come. Window film also makes your current tenants more comfortable helping to keep them in your building and the comfort provided can also help attract new tenants to fill empty office space. Yes new tenants, when a potential tenant walks into a space and they are not overwhelmed by excessive heat or light they do notice the comfort. Window film can also make the exterior of your building more attractive giving your building a uniform and modern look. Some other benefits that are rarely mentioned but should be listed are less wear and tear on the H VAC, film keeps your interior from excessive fading, several films can save on heat loss during the winter months and window film is a LEED product. With many choices of products that vary in color and light transmission we can find the one that will works best for your needs. So why are you waiting? Contact us today and let’s talk about the particulars of your window film project.

Reducing heat and glare with energy saving solar control window film.

Solar Control Window Film Application

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