Commercial Windows & Doors

Typically, aesthetics and costs are major factors in making design decisions about windows in commercial buildings. The need to reduce unwanted heat loss and heat gain has been the major energy-related issue in window design and selection today. In addition, window design is influenced by various functional requirements like air- and water-tightness, as well as structural and acoustical performance.

More recently, new driving forces have emerged in commercial window design and selection:

• Human factors
• Environmental impact
• A more holistic understanding of building energy use.

Windows-Doors-Com1There is a need for an integrated approach to window design and selection that takes everything into account.

A more residential approach to the commercial design is desirable in industries such as, Schools, Assisted Living Facilities, Golf Club-Houses, etc. Our estimators have over 75 years of experience combined and can handle your project from the plans to production. We can offer design solutions to encompass aesthetics, energy efficiency, low maintenance, and most of all, budget.


Beauty Matched with Commercial Performance

Windows-Doors-Com2Substantial proportions, sturdy hinges, and flexible hardware and frame options make the new Marvin Commercial Door a great choice for many different commercial applications.

The Perfect Blend of Aesthetics, Performance and Flexibility

• Stunning craftsmanship
• Heavy frame with thick panel construction ideal for high traffic areas
• ADA code-compliant bottom rail height of 11 3/8″, a net clear opening of 32″ and a standard low-profile sill
• Wider 6″ stiles and top rails provide a robust appearance with functional applications, fitting a variety of hardware and concealing closing mechanism