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2020 and Beyond for Window Film

Decorative Window Film adds Beauty and Privacy.

Before we dive into the future let’s look at some of the past breakthroughs in the window film industry. In the beginning all window film was silver. Silver worked great in controlling the amount of heat and light entering a space. It has limitations of course too reflective and too dark being the major complaints. So then came lighter films and they were not as reflective and worked well. Now the innovations started coming rapidly these are listed in no certain order, we have dual reflective films (films more reflective on the outside than the inside) Ceramic films that offer low reflectivity and high clarity. Luminous efficacy films have been developed with high heat rejection by all but eliminating the IR rays while allowing very high light transmission through your windows. Low E films that help you stay warm in the winter by keeping the heat in your home or office and in the summer keeps the heat from the sun out.

Now that we have glanced in the rear view mirror let’s look at some the new developments ready to take off. One of the new products set to explode is transitional window film. This is window film that goes from light to dark tint when needed and back to a light tint providing a better view and natural light through your windows. Never dark window film, think about that! Along the same lines are films that can go from clear to obscure providing privacy when called for and openness when desired. Then we have high tech cloaking film a film built to protect sensitive information. The cloaking film is a clear film applied to the glass of interior office glass or conference room glass the film is designed to “blackout” monitors when looking through the film at the screen thus protecting your data from prying eyes. Decorative films are now coming in multiple patterns, designs and shades so much so that the choices can be overwhelming. We must not forget about safety and security film, safety and security films are being developed for any number of events. Anything from deterring a smash and grab theft to protecting people and property from weather events. Another vital use for safety and security window film is to slow down intruders attempting to break through the glass to gain entry.

Window film enhances glass by protecting people and property, saving money by reducing energy cost and providing privacy and beauty. With so many new products for glass enhancement could there be a better time than now to start improving your view?


I had the privilege of attending an earthquake preparedness seminar today at the University of Memphis. I learned many things about earthquakes and their causes my biggest take away was this. On top of all the destruction a major earthquake would create is the unbelievable amount of business interruption that such an event will produce. Some numbers that were given to today are  staggering for what we will experience when a major seismic event occurs. These statistics  show the effect on small and mid size businesses. Immediate effect after a major earthquake 40% of small businesses  won’t reopen, one year later 25% more small businesses will close and after 3 years 75% of businesses without a business continuity plan will fail. The average daily loss of a small business that closes due to disaster $3,000.00 medium sized business $23,000.00. Why is this important you may ask well consider these numbers small businesses account for 99% of all companies and employ 50% of all private sector employees. There are steps that can be taken to protect employees and property as well as equipment and inventory to help business continue. I will not even attempt to cover what you could do for your business contingency plan. But there are groups you can join that will help you with this process one of these is the Association of Contingency Planners. Also, October 20th is “Shakeout Day”  that can be of help follow the link below to learn more. I will tell you that there are many disasters that can befall your business earthquakes, wind events and man-made events to name some. In all these events one of the major sources of injuries and damage is flying glass. This is something we can help you with and we look forward to the opportunity of meeting with you and discussing the best option for your company to protect people and property by making your glass safer.

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She is safe because security film was applied.