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Protect furnishings from fading.

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Solar control window film can help protect the furnishings in your home from excessive fading. This protection can be achieved by using solar control window films that are practically invisible or by using films that transition from light to dark depending on the amount of UV rays that are falling on the glass. A few of the items that are the most susceptible to fading caused by the sun
Vista Ceramic Film

Solar Control Window Film being installed.

include hardwood floors, silk drapes, rugs and most fabrics. Keep in mind that the same rays that are fading your belongings are also doing harm to you and your family. Window film is economical, usually takes no more than a day or two to apply the film in most homes and offers passive protection for many years to come. With the heat of the summer here there is no better time to invest in protecting your home from the damaging rays of the sun.