Monthly Archives: August 2016

You only get one chance!

Yes that is right when replacing the windows in your home you only get one opportunity to get it right. Due to the cost and the time involved you better make the right choice. There are many questions to be answered. To start with can your windows be repaired instead of replaced? This is not always an easy question to answer because there are many considerations for example how long will the repair last before the windows need repairing again and there are other things that go into the decision of repair rather than replace. Another thing to consider is what type of material do you want your window to be made of? Wood, clad wood, fiberglass, vinyl or aluminum? Again there are considerations when deciding the material. For example does the neighborhood HOA have a convenient on the window material type. Consider the appearance you desire for your windows. There are many more questions to be answered when deciding on your new windows. But the most important question is who is going to install your new windows that you expect to last many, many years. That is the question you need to answer and feel great about your decision. You want the installer that has the knowledge and the equipment and support to get the job done properly and on time. In order for the windows to work correctly and not be drafty or leak the installation must be done right. Call or email us today and let us help you find the answers to all the questions that need to be asked when deciding on replacement windows. Consider this if you do not have the money to do it right the first time how will you pay for correcting the wrong choice?